Grazioli Angelo e F.lli
Precision mechanical machining
since 1951

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Grazioli Angelo & F.lli
Precision mechanical machining since 1951.

Grazioli Angelo & Flli. Works since 1951 in the mechanical precision field for third party projects specialized in small and medium series.

We are specialized in the production of rail and axle shafts, any kind of pins, small welded components and fasteners.

Technology, modern machines, specialized and professional employees guarantee the products reliability in terms of speediness, flexibility, efficiency and high quality and continues improvement.

Our essential objectives are:

  •  full and continues satisfaction of our customers;
  •  the respect of the contract terms also the obvious and non mentioned;
  •  improve the productivity by the optimization of all the processes;
  •  improve the productivity by the optimization of all the processes;
  •  prevention is main element to manage the quality system;
  •  involve our suppliers in the quality process;
  •  homologation by new customers.

We are homologated by:

  •  No elements of the REACH list is used (Art 33 in REACH, Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006)

Grazioli Angelo & F.lli - The Company

Covered area: 5000 Mq  -  Open area: 9000 Mq  -  Employees: n° 79

Main Customers:


2013 data:
  •  Turnover: 10,5 million €
  •  Foreign countries: 3,6 million €
  •  Total product range: 1397 different products
  •  Total production: 2.760.305 parts

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Administrative Board: Giovanni Grazioli - Lodovico Grazioli - Lorena Grazioli

Chief Executive: Giovanni Grazioli

Human Resources Responsible: Luca Grazioli

Special Projects Responsible: Mario Grazioli
Quality responsible: Sergio Ledda
Operation Manager: Luca Grazioli
Schedule Responsible: Luca Grazioli

Schedule: Marianna Grazioli
Quality Controll Responsible: Orlando Martinelli
Production Responsible: Luca Cantù

Cutting Dept: Giuseppe Piacezzi

Turning Dept: Vittorio Tibaldi

Work Station Dept: Davide Grazioli

Milling, Induction Hardening, Grinding and Packing Dept: Luca Cantù
Technical and Prototype Dept:Mario Grazioli

Equipments Dept: Mario Grazioli
Administration Responsible: Lorena Grazioli

Assistant: Novella Grazioli
Commercial Responsible: Giovanni Grazioli

Assistant: Margherita Grazioli
Purchase Dept: Giovanni Grazioli

Assistant: Margherita Grazioli

Our products
Our internal production depts


Transfers to cut and turn bars from Ø6 to Ø 70 length from 30 to 600mm


Multi heads CNC turning machines to work from bars and Traditional CNC turning machines to work forgings and cut parts.


Vertical work stations, CNC milling machines, multi heads boring machines for the manufacturing of all shafts and pins till Ø100 with length of 2200mm.


Heat treatments by high and medium frequency machines for a maximum length of 1.000mm.


Centerless grinding machines automatic or manual loading.


Special Dept. for the realization of prototype, pre-series, equipment and production assistance.


Row materials, wip and finish parts stock house, washing, assembly, packing and shipping area.


Complete laboratory able to check any kind of dimensional, metallurgic, chemical and surface coating.

Our history

The company Grazioli Angelo e F.lli is specialized in precision mechanical operation since 1951. Here it an extract of our history.

  • 2006/2013
  • 2013

    Partnership with Carraro Group

    Five years agreement of Partnership with carraro Group for the category of PINS.

  • 2006/2012

    Increase the foreign markets

    Increase the foreign markets by commercial agreement with C.N.H. group and John Deere.

  • 2006
  • 2006

    Extension of the production area

    In 2006 the production was transferred to the new plant of 5.000sqm sites in Via Martiri di Cefalonia e Corfù 158 always in Fara Gera d’Adda (BG) Italy.

  • Years 90/00
  • Years 90 /2005

    Increase of production

    More Customers, such Iveco Group, Landini and Massey Fergusson arrived to joint Same Group and the production grows and the space was not enough. We provide to add a new building next to the old one (at the 12nd of Via Donizzetti in Fara Gera d’Adda) and the area covered became from 800sqm to the 2.400sqm of the year 2005.

  • Years ‘90
  • Ends of Years ‘90

    Foreign Markets

    The continuous growth of the production push the company to find markets out of Italy and at the end of the year ’90 Grazioli Angelo & F.lli export more than 35% of the total turnover.

  • Years ‘90

    New Collaborations

    During the beginning of the ’90 started the collaboration with other important group of tractors and transmissions builder by our hard specialization in the production, from bar, of rail and axle shaft and transmission pins.

  • Years ‘70/’80
  • Years ‘70/’80

    Hard Specialization

    During ’70 and ’80 was progressively eliminate the production of fasteners and was improved the specialization of small and medium series, made by bar, in the field of agriculture, heavy vehicles and trucks.

  • Years ‘70

    New Plant

    At the beginning of the ’70 the “family company” moved to the historical plant of “Via Donizzetti 10” where, more than fasteners, started the production of shafts for Same Tractor of Treviglio.

  • 1951
  • Year 1951


    Grazioli Angelo & Flli was founded in 1951 by 3 brothers, Angelo, Edoardo & Lodovico Grazioli.The factory produced fasteners made by cams turning machines.

Latest News

Grazioli Angelo & F.lli is located in Fara Gera d’Adda, at 158 of Via Martiri di Cefalonia e Corfù.
You can contact us by phone +39 0363 399024, by fax +39 0363 399011 or by e-mail

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